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Lunes, Agosto 22, 2011

 This song is going out to those who are badly broken, but could still fully stand up because of the thought that someday, they'll be able to forget the pain  "better in time"

It's been the longest Summer without you,
I didn't know where to turn to.
See, somehow I can't forget you,
After all that we've been through.

Going, coming... thought I heard a knock
Who's there? No one
Thinking that I deserve it
Now I realize that I really didn't,

If you didn't notice, boy, you mean everything.
Quickly I'm learning to love again,
All I know is I'm gon' be okay

Thought I couldn't live without you
It's gonna hurt when it heals too, ooh yeah
(It'll all get better in time)
And even though I really love you,
I'm gonna smile cause I deserve to
It'll all get better in time

I couldn't turn on the TV,
Without something there to remind me
Was it all that easy?
To just put aside your feelings.
If I'm dreaming, don't wanna lie,
Hurt my feelings
But that's the path I believe in,
And I know that time will heal it

If you didn't notice, well
You mean everything.
Quickly I'm learning to love again,
All I know is I'm going to be okay

Thought I couldn't live without you
It's gonna hurt when it heals too, ooh yeah
(It'll all get better in time)
And even though I really love you,
I'm gonna smile cause I deserve to, ooooooh
It'll all get better in time

Since there's no more you and me (no more you and me)
It's time I let you go so I can be free
And live my life how it should be.
(No no no no no no)
No matter how hard it is,
I'll be fine without you, Yes I will.

Thought I couldn't live without you
It's gonna hurt when it heals too ohhhh
It'll all get better in time ooooh
And even though I really love you
I'm gonna smile cause I deserve to (yes I do)
It'll all get better in time, woah

Thought I couldn't live without you
It's gonna hurt when it heals too, yeahh
It'll all get better in time
And even though I really love you
I'm gonna smile cause I deserve to        

Thanks for the tears :(

When everything is about to turn at its worst, you have to set yourself free for it's the only way to protect yourself from further aches.  

Confused and Miserably wounded

Linggo, Agosto 21, 2011

                   This week unraveled my happiness. I pretty much noticed how blur our situation is. His warmth caress starts to be so cold just in time when I need it the most. I'm keeping up and still trying to endure more patience, though I know everything between us makes me so frustrated and hopeless of the possibilities that we could still polish things up.

                  "GIVE UP!! " a voice that echoes at the back of my mind. Is this the best choice? Maybe YES, maybe NO…. then I paused for a while and think, this is the only choice I have and I couldn’t think of any other options anymore. I want to hold a stronger grip of the magical moments I had with him, with a belief that he might be my last prince on this fairy-tale like love story I’ve always thought of.

                 I CRIED A RIVER. I know it takes an hour or two for a heart-broken individual to let loose of all the painful and stabbing negative emotions he/she is feeling. Though crying makes me feel better, this only covers the real pain for a very short time. The struggle to transform myself  into a new one-loaded with forgiveness, understanding and the challenge to love again, might wrap a lengthy time. The pain never fades, I’ll bring it so as not to commit the same mistakes again. From it, I’ll be able to develop bravery within myself  and that’s one of the best armors I can have for this life’s battle.

                BE HAPPY. I have to be happy because I deserve to experience it, of course. What most of us want for ourselves is to spend our lives with significance and meaning. Yes, a lot of people might have to travel a long journey in order to occupy the missing pieces inside them. A long and lasting love shall we say, not everyone can find it. Those who are willing to go through their whole life for it, would stand behind it when found. Chances are around and that long and lasting love will always find its own way for me. As for you, who knows? The person you are next seated to, you usually hang out with, someone who bumped you along the road, a customer next in line to you in a department store or maybe just the same person whom you typically see every ordinary day. Be happy after the break up even if it’s a tough one because God has plans for you-plans that will surprisingly go beyond your expectations. So defy your sufferings and think of the blessings you are experiencing right now.

              I have to curve this sweet figure in my face because everything is worth a smile. Though the yellowing stain of my tears had splattered over the fabric of my dress, I have to slowly remove it and set my life for a new beginning.

             I’ll miss him. The sweet gestures, the importance he made me feel and all those good experiences that I’ll always count on no matter where life takes me to. I guess I might be thinking in advance, but I know where our conflict could lead us. "Nowhere" do sound too scary, yet we both need to face it because it is where our separate and wonderful crossing embarks on.

- Will miss him :’(

<3  Dr. Cloud Nine <3


A happy Friday :)

Huwebes, Agosto 18, 2011

               After wearing our FilipiƱana attires, we rushed into the office and changed clothes. Thanks to Shenmae S. Sojor who kept on murmuring about her dress when we were still at the cultural complex, because it made cherry, Jela and En2x realized that changing our clothes and having a big splashing treat from Cindy is worth the stressful morning. “wui si shenmae naa nay suitor and siya ang nanglibre namo” a plaque of recognition is also given to John who’s been very abusive about the blessing shared to us by Cindy. Cindy…Cindy…Cindy thank you very much!! If someday you’re planning to run as one of our public officials, you’ll be the first on my list J hihihihi (kidding aside)
            My dearest Shenmae is already in love (according to John-en2x’s bf) and I have to make this as an issue. First of all, it’s going to be her first time and for sure, going into a relationship will confuse her a lot. blleeehhh :p Second, she’s still on the process of blooming into a real princess and I do hope so, that her first soon to be boyfriend wouldn’t cause her pain that will impede her transformation.  After that, I know she’ll spend less of her time hanging out with us and that is going to be a very bad change on our side. Right Jela and En2x? (ayaw mo ug disagree para way samok.hehehe).To Mayette my dearest, she washed my t-shirt and thank you soooo much for that. I’ll pay back gratitude one day my dearest(hihihih).
   -I love these people. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for making my day a complete one J a bunch of love and care from <3Dr. Cloud Nine <3

and I miss HER :(

                         I could still freshly recall the unforgettable memoirs I had with her. 

           We used to stroll around downtown during our vacant time, especially after our stressful examinations. We both love to eat hot dog on stick topped with chili cheese as if we could resist the spicy flavor afterwards. Chatting with ten sticks of hot dogs and a cold bottle of red C2 was our favorite routine when we hang out together way back then . 

            She loves watching movies and so do I. She's just a text away if I feel like checking out "on screen" movies at Robinson. We've been through so many things together and even from the moment I've met her, I have already felt such eagerness in exchanging words and smiles with her.

           Speaking of how we've met, as simple as like ordinary ways of making friends with people who are not that familiar to you. She was introduced to me by a close high school friend.That was during my first week of enrollment as a freshman student. I was impatiently standing in line to pay my fees when suddenly, this cute girl smiled at me. I never paid any attention because at that time, I was thinking maybe her smile was intended for somebody else. An hour later, my high school friend brought this girl and introduced her. Now I know, the sweet smile was intentionally for me. " Camille" that's her name. Cute, tall, intellectually talkative, talented and of course! very sociable.

            She enrolled herself at Saint Paul's College. We chose different course, she decided to take up Accountancy while I settled for Mass Communication. Considering that the closeness was already there, we both occupied the same boarding house, with the same room. As room mates, we do care for each other specifically when it comes to our health. We eat our meals together and during weekdays, we go for ladies' night out ( we don't do the disco thing, we have our own way of perceiving ladies' night out. We spend our night at dunkin donuts or Mcdo chatting. laughing etc.).

           I do admire Camille's principles in life. She has grounds in where she really stands for it no matter what. Despite her parents' break up, she never considered that part as something to be very miserable of. Instead, she's a more out-going person compared to anyone else I've known. A lady filled with great character... I'm certain about that.

             For almost a year and a half, she made me feel so important and as for me, she's a sister with endless advices. Words that will always give me the confidence to do my own thing and show the world what I've got.

            SEPARATION. A big wave that we have to face with strength and acceptance. I guess all good things must always come to an end. She transferred to Las Salle bacolod and shifted Political science. Regardless of the distance, we constantly keep each other in touch. She oftentimes call and encourage me to visit her. 

             Having almost the same characteristics and attitudes, we never get bored when we have each other's company. As my friend, I value her so much more than anything else. She's such a blessing that I'll always be thankful for. I miss her so much and I do hope and pray to Papa God that He'll strengthen our friendship even more. 

- I miss you Camille Luera Guzman  <3 Dr. Cloud Nine <3

"A space for him"

Martes, Agosto 16, 2011
"I do cherish you...and if you're asking  do I love you this much...yes, baby I do <3 :) "(taken from the song I DO)

              When you love, you just can't help but fall. When you fall, you just can't resist the feeling because it makes you see things differently. Falling in love is a feeling wherein you get stranded to unexplainable and boundless emotions. I know how it feels. I'm experiencing it and believe me! it ain't easy. Difficult-yes, Inspirational and self-changing- SUPER YES!( No space for a NO answer) hihihi

               I love being with him, yes I really do. He has this funny thing about his personality which makes me laugh to death-his sense of humor. Inadvertent funny words and actions which makes me cling into his presence even more.  When we are together, the world is already none of our business. He talks so loud and so am I. We insult, tease and irritate each other, yet we could still manage to make everything just fine. He's a great companion and a worst counselor though.(hahaha sorry for him but the truth strikes..toinx!!)

               Anyways, let me talk about his childish side. He's already in the age of 22, yet he crazily shares uninteresting stories about Naruto(how will I ever appreciate Naruto scenes when in the first place, I'm obviously more on girly stuff). He will leave his cellphone (my messages specifically) unattended for the sake of Naruto, inconsiderate yet endearingly sweet :)

                  Aside from being an addict fan of Naruto, he's also interested with the movie transformers. One of the characters he admired most is Bumble Bee. He used to call himself as Bumble Bee though he can't transform(hahaha). I could only remember the eagerness on his face when he found out that the movie "transformers" will be on screen again. He waited for the showing and ended up with "wasn't able to watch it at Rob.". I suppose that he was able to watch it through a compact disc.

                 Adorable as how I perceive it. He sings so loud till he could no longer get the right pitch. Honestly, he has a nice voice. The problem is, I seldom open my ears to listen for the reason that he usually choose songs that are out of this generation. Old and annoying. This guy wouldn't sing something new and "in" unless if I give my request, and the impressive thing about his taste is that he also knows a lot of new songs...and who cares? he wants to settle with old songs..old like him(hahaha love him).

           Talented as he is, He's into a lot of musical instruments. Let's start with this one- GUITAR. I haven't seen him playing any kind of instruments, but according to his pictures in Facebook, he plays guitar... and isn't that so sweet and splendid? I've always wanted to have someone who's good in playing instruments. ( i'll someday ask him to teach me how to play guitar :) )
                  Dancing is also his passion. He's a member of a dance group and I've heard (not seen) a lot of good compliments about him with regards to his dancing skills. It makes me very proud of him.

                                          Don't mind the picture, just the thought ladies and gents.
                 Now, how about his asset? (heheheh) it's when he smiles. A killer one indeed! He can easily convert my anger into a great joy in just a simple yet incomparable smile.

       This person beautifies my life. No matter how unpredictable he could be at times, I still enjoy his existence. He means a lot to me. An important chapter which I'll always scan and read all over again. He owns a space in my heart, and that space will always be treasured...FOREVER <3 Cloud Nine <3

One sweet rainy afternoon

Lunes, Agosto 15, 2011
I was on my way to our English department when I bumped on this good-looking guy. I don't know if he intentionally did that but maybe,I guess :) who knows?? hahaha(today I feel like saying everything) Anyways going back to the story, I dropped my envelope and notebook(just like the movies) and what do you expect? Of course, we had the same thought and that is- picking my things up. I never wanted him to do it for me so I tried my best with all speed to pick up everything on the floor. When I got my things settled in my hands, I looked back at him(planning to tell him how clumsy he was) and stared at him as if stars were all over around us at that time. Then Oh my God! like an angel sent from above, he smiled at me and there! i found myself totally stranded. What should i do? expectedly as a sign of respect (char!! bsan di bina gud) I smiled back. My anger was converted into something magical. "I'm so sorry, are you alright? I'm totally in a rush" were the words coming out from his mouth and I perceived it like a slomo. "I'm fine, nothing to worry about" I responded. We walked on separate directions and that unexpected meeting left a nice track in my thoughts. Just a sweet experience despite the depressing repetition of the rain. <3 Chu-Chai ,<3