Vague Intro. :-P

Biyernes, Disyembre 23, 2011

Oh! Before I split some words with you about my newest post, I would like to have a short wind up with regards to my last messages here :D  As what you can see, my last update was on the 15th day of September and I should say OMG!!I’m running out of tracks at this point. hahaha!
Ok pals, it’s not about disregarding the fact that I am a member of this social site, it’s about being so busy revising and rephrasing some information about my real-blog spot (real life situations). Even though, I can’t rebuff the fact that I am a certified face book aficionada. Now I welcome myself back into the typing atmosphere J J J <3 love it.hihi
Merry Christmas by the way! How’s the collection of gifts and stuff like that? If you’re going to ask me, I’ve received more than enough. These are unexpected and seldom gifts which I am so much thankful for. The bagyong Sendong was one of the rarest presents I had received, I will never forget how Sendong sharpened my interest to help and   carry heavy things (masculine nako bai). Then the visit of my childhood friend who is now a registered nurse and  soon to be a doctor of medicine (proud kayo ko bai!).  I’ll tell you the second part of my story later hahaha!!