"A space for him"

Martes, Agosto 16, 2011
"I do cherish you...and if you're asking  do I love you this much...yes, baby I do <3 :) "(taken from the song I DO)

              When you love, you just can't help but fall. When you fall, you just can't resist the feeling because it makes you see things differently. Falling in love is a feeling wherein you get stranded to unexplainable and boundless emotions. I know how it feels. I'm experiencing it and believe me! it ain't easy. Difficult-yes, Inspirational and self-changing- SUPER YES!( No space for a NO answer) hihihi

               I love being with him, yes I really do. He has this funny thing about his personality which makes me laugh to death-his sense of humor. Inadvertent funny words and actions which makes me cling into his presence even more.  When we are together, the world is already none of our business. He talks so loud and so am I. We insult, tease and irritate each other, yet we could still manage to make everything just fine. He's a great companion and a worst counselor though.(hahaha sorry for him but the truth strikes..toinx!!)

               Anyways, let me talk about his childish side. He's already in the age of 22, yet he crazily shares uninteresting stories about Naruto(how will I ever appreciate Naruto scenes when in the first place, I'm obviously more on girly stuff). He will leave his cellphone (my messages specifically) unattended for the sake of Naruto, inconsiderate yet endearingly sweet :)

                  Aside from being an addict fan of Naruto, he's also interested with the movie transformers. One of the characters he admired most is Bumble Bee. He used to call himself as Bumble Bee though he can't transform(hahaha). I could only remember the eagerness on his face when he found out that the movie "transformers" will be on screen again. He waited for the showing and ended up with "wasn't able to watch it at Rob.". I suppose that he was able to watch it through a compact disc.

                 Adorable as how I perceive it. He sings so loud till he could no longer get the right pitch. Honestly, he has a nice voice. The problem is, I seldom open my ears to listen for the reason that he usually choose songs that are out of this generation. Old and annoying. This guy wouldn't sing something new and "in" unless if I give my request, and the impressive thing about his taste is that he also knows a lot of new songs...and who cares? he wants to settle with old songs..old like him(hahaha love him).

           Talented as he is, He's into a lot of musical instruments. Let's start with this one- GUITAR. I haven't seen him playing any kind of instruments, but according to his pictures in Facebook, he plays guitar... and isn't that so sweet and splendid? I've always wanted to have someone who's good in playing instruments. ( i'll someday ask him to teach me how to play guitar :) )
                  Dancing is also his passion. He's a member of a dance group and I've heard (not seen) a lot of good compliments about him with regards to his dancing skills. It makes me very proud of him.

                                          Don't mind the picture, just the thought ladies and gents.
                 Now, how about his asset? (heheheh) it's when he smiles. A killer one indeed! He can easily convert my anger into a great joy in just a simple yet incomparable smile.

       This person beautifies my life. No matter how unpredictable he could be at times, I still enjoy his existence. He means a lot to me. An important chapter which I'll always scan and read all over again. He owns a space in my heart, and that space will always be treasured...FOREVER <3 Cloud Nine <3

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