and I miss HER :(

Huwebes, Agosto 18, 2011
                         I could still freshly recall the unforgettable memoirs I had with her. 

           We used to stroll around downtown during our vacant time, especially after our stressful examinations. We both love to eat hot dog on stick topped with chili cheese as if we could resist the spicy flavor afterwards. Chatting with ten sticks of hot dogs and a cold bottle of red C2 was our favorite routine when we hang out together way back then . 

            She loves watching movies and so do I. She's just a text away if I feel like checking out "on screen" movies at Robinson. We've been through so many things together and even from the moment I've met her, I have already felt such eagerness in exchanging words and smiles with her.

           Speaking of how we've met, as simple as like ordinary ways of making friends with people who are not that familiar to you. She was introduced to me by a close high school friend.That was during my first week of enrollment as a freshman student. I was impatiently standing in line to pay my fees when suddenly, this cute girl smiled at me. I never paid any attention because at that time, I was thinking maybe her smile was intended for somebody else. An hour later, my high school friend brought this girl and introduced her. Now I know, the sweet smile was intentionally for me. " Camille" that's her name. Cute, tall, intellectually talkative, talented and of course! very sociable.

            She enrolled herself at Saint Paul's College. We chose different course, she decided to take up Accountancy while I settled for Mass Communication. Considering that the closeness was already there, we both occupied the same boarding house, with the same room. As room mates, we do care for each other specifically when it comes to our health. We eat our meals together and during weekdays, we go for ladies' night out ( we don't do the disco thing, we have our own way of perceiving ladies' night out. We spend our night at dunkin donuts or Mcdo chatting. laughing etc.).

           I do admire Camille's principles in life. She has grounds in where she really stands for it no matter what. Despite her parents' break up, she never considered that part as something to be very miserable of. Instead, she's a more out-going person compared to anyone else I've known. A lady filled with great character... I'm certain about that.

             For almost a year and a half, she made me feel so important and as for me, she's a sister with endless advices. Words that will always give me the confidence to do my own thing and show the world what I've got.

            SEPARATION. A big wave that we have to face with strength and acceptance. I guess all good things must always come to an end. She transferred to Las Salle bacolod and shifted Political science. Regardless of the distance, we constantly keep each other in touch. She oftentimes call and encourage me to visit her. 

             Having almost the same characteristics and attitudes, we never get bored when we have each other's company. As my friend, I value her so much more than anything else. She's such a blessing that I'll always be thankful for. I miss her so much and I do hope and pray to Papa God that He'll strengthen our friendship even more. 

- I miss you Camille Luera Guzman  <3 Dr. Cloud Nine <3

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