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Huwebes, Agosto 18, 2011

               After wearing our Filipiñana attires, we rushed into the office and changed clothes. Thanks to Shenmae S. Sojor who kept on murmuring about her dress when we were still at the cultural complex, because it made cherry, Jela and En2x realized that changing our clothes and having a big splashing treat from Cindy is worth the stressful morning. “wui si shenmae naa nay suitor and siya ang nanglibre namo” a plaque of recognition is also given to John who’s been very abusive about the blessing shared to us by Cindy. Cindy…Cindy…Cindy thank you very much!! If someday you’re planning to run as one of our public officials, you’ll be the first on my list J hihihihi (kidding aside)
            My dearest Shenmae is already in love (according to John-en2x’s bf) and I have to make this as an issue. First of all, it’s going to be her first time and for sure, going into a relationship will confuse her a lot. blleeehhh :p Second, she’s still on the process of blooming into a real princess and I do hope so, that her first soon to be boyfriend wouldn’t cause her pain that will impede her transformation.  After that, I know she’ll spend less of her time hanging out with us and that is going to be a very bad change on our side. Right Jela and En2x? (ayaw mo ug disagree para way samok.hehehe).To Mayette my dearest, she washed my t-shirt and thank you soooo much for that. I’ll pay back gratitude one day my dearest(hihihih).
   -I love these people. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for making my day a complete one J a bunch of love and care from <3Dr. Cloud Nine <3

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  1. shanz ayon kay ...:

    hahahha,kaelangan pa ba ipag-sigawan ang name ni cindy??? well, I'm not yet inlove.... di ko hilig ana.!!!
    love you too dear.!!! hahahaha

  1. Dr. Cloud Nine ayon kay ...:

    Oo kasi dahil sa kanya, nakapag-snack tayo ng wala man lang kahiya-hiya..hahaha mwaah!! sugta na si SECRET dear :)

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