Confused and Miserably wounded

Linggo, Agosto 21, 2011

                   This week unraveled my happiness. I pretty much noticed how blur our situation is. His warmth caress starts to be so cold just in time when I need it the most. I'm keeping up and still trying to endure more patience, though I know everything between us makes me so frustrated and hopeless of the possibilities that we could still polish things up.

                  "GIVE UP!! " a voice that echoes at the back of my mind. Is this the best choice? Maybe YES, maybe NO…. then I paused for a while and think, this is the only choice I have and I couldn’t think of any other options anymore. I want to hold a stronger grip of the magical moments I had with him, with a belief that he might be my last prince on this fairy-tale like love story I’ve always thought of.

                 I CRIED A RIVER. I know it takes an hour or two for a heart-broken individual to let loose of all the painful and stabbing negative emotions he/she is feeling. Though crying makes me feel better, this only covers the real pain for a very short time. The struggle to transform myself  into a new one-loaded with forgiveness, understanding and the challenge to love again, might wrap a lengthy time. The pain never fades, I’ll bring it so as not to commit the same mistakes again. From it, I’ll be able to develop bravery within myself  and that’s one of the best armors I can have for this life’s battle.

                BE HAPPY. I have to be happy because I deserve to experience it, of course. What most of us want for ourselves is to spend our lives with significance and meaning. Yes, a lot of people might have to travel a long journey in order to occupy the missing pieces inside them. A long and lasting love shall we say, not everyone can find it. Those who are willing to go through their whole life for it, would stand behind it when found. Chances are around and that long and lasting love will always find its own way for me. As for you, who knows? The person you are next seated to, you usually hang out with, someone who bumped you along the road, a customer next in line to you in a department store or maybe just the same person whom you typically see every ordinary day. Be happy after the break up even if it’s a tough one because God has plans for you-plans that will surprisingly go beyond your expectations. So defy your sufferings and think of the blessings you are experiencing right now.

              I have to curve this sweet figure in my face because everything is worth a smile. Though the yellowing stain of my tears had splattered over the fabric of my dress, I have to slowly remove it and set my life for a new beginning.

             I’ll miss him. The sweet gestures, the importance he made me feel and all those good experiences that I’ll always count on no matter where life takes me to. I guess I might be thinking in advance, but I know where our conflict could lead us. "Nowhere" do sound too scary, yet we both need to face it because it is where our separate and wonderful crossing embarks on.

- Will miss him :’(

<3  Dr. Cloud Nine <3


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  1. shanz ayon kay ...:

    You know dear??? when I read your blog, I can really feel the pain, though I never experience it. You are definitely right.!!! Everything happens for a reason. I know you can still find you prince charming maybe not this time, but I know it will happen soon.Just continue to believe and God will give your hearth's desire.Always remember that I am here, we are here all your friends are here to love and cherish you. Love you dear.!!! :D

  1. Dr. Cloud Nine ayon kay ...:

    Yes I know that dear.Don't state the obvious..hihihih hahahaha.Thank you so much for the reminder. I know that in any circumstances, I'll be equipped more than I think I am, because God always provides everything I need :)eheheh.. ga emote ra ko ana dear ui.ikaw jud.hehehe mwwaahh!

  1. shanz ayon kay ...:

    hahahhaha,emot ra d.i nah???? hahahahha,cge na nga nakiki.emot na rin ako... huhuhuh.....

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